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Language Tech Solutions
IT Security Services

More businesses are relying on E-Business operations than ever before, but with the ease of technology comes increased security risk—for you and your customers. That’s where Language Tech Solutions IT Security Services come in. Our goal is to provide quick action and premium security practices to offer the most worry-free IT Security Services in the business.

The Language Tech Solutions security experts will recommend the very best in IT Security solutions for business, from early threat detection to training that helps you spot digital scammers before they strike. With over 20 years of IT security support for business across the U.S., you can rest assured knowing your Language Tech Solutions security expert has unparalleled knowledge of the latest security threats.

As a military grade IT Security Service provider, our senior technicians have been trained in network security by the United States military, multinational banks and some of the world’s leading cybersecurity experts. Our personalized and professional approach includes a thorough on-site assessment of your IT systems to strengthen any existing weaknesses and neutralize threats before they happen.

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We're proud to offer comprehensive IT Security Solutions, including:

We'll be your IT Security Experts

A network box with a lock on it


Maintaining the physical security of your computer system by ensuring all equipment is working properly and up-to-date

A person next to a lock


Preventing hackers from attacking your system and educating you and your team on cybersecurity best practices

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Maintaining your network with expertly managed network firewall and ensuring that all security protocols meet our high standards

A key next to a data set


Protecting your data in real time with monitoring from our security experts

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Updating, maintaining and protecting your computer systems with our Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Solutions

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Introducing the best system administration techniques to help prevent security mishaps

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